2022 ISOCC Presentation

2022-11-01 16:28
The following papers have been presented in ISOCC 2021

Title: FAME: Fault Address Memory Structure for Repair Time Reduction

Authors: Hayoung Lee, Sooryeong Lee, Younwoo Yoo, Seung Ho Shin, Sungho Kang

Title: Correlation Aware Random Pattern Generation for Test Time and Shift Power Reduction of Logic BIST

Authors: Jongho Park, Sangjun Lee, Inhwan Lee, Sungwhan Park, Sungho Kang

Title: Pair-Grouping Scan Chain Architecture for Multiple Scan Cell Fault Diagnosis

Authors: Sunghoon Kim, Seokjun Jang, Youngki Moon, Sungho Kang

Title: PROG: Per-Row Output Generator for BOST

Authors: Sooryeong Lee, Hayoung Lee, Younwoo Yoo, Seung Ho Shin, Sungho Kang

Title: An Improved Early Termination Methodology Using Convolutional Neural Network

Authors: Seung Ho Shin , Hayoung Lee, Sooryeong Lee, Younwoo Yoo, and Sungho Kang

Title: Cell-Aware Scan Diagnosis Using Partially Synchronous Set and Reset

Authors: Hyeonchan Lim, Hyojoon Yun, Juyong Lee, Sungho Kang

Title: Logic Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning for Multiple Faults

Authors: Tae Hyun Kim, Hyeonchan Lim, Minho Cheong, Hyojoon Yun, and Sungho Kang

Title: ZOS: Zero Overhead Scan for Systolic Array-based AI accelerator

Authors: Jihye Kim, Hayoung Lee, Jongho Park, Sunho Kang

Congratulations to the authors