2015 ISOCC Presentation

2015-12-01 13:24
The following papers have been presented in ISOCC 2015

Title: Failure Bitmap Compression Method for 3D-IC Redundancy Analysis

Authors: Keewon Cho, Woosung Lee, Jooyoung Kim, Sungho Kang

Title: A New Built-in Redundancy Analysis Algorithm Based On Multiple Memory Blocks

Authors: Jooyoung Kim, Keewon Cho, Woosung Lee, Sungho Kang

Title: A Scan Segment Skip Technique for Low Power Test

Authors: Hayoung Lee, Junkyu Lee, Hyunyul Lim, Sungho Kang

Title: 2-D compaction Method using Macro block for Post-Silicon Validation

Authors: Won Jung, Hyunggoy Oh, Dongho Kang, Sungho Kang

Title: A New In-field Bad Block Detection Scheme for NAND flash Chips

Authors: Dongho Kang, Keewon Cho, Sungho Kang

Congratulations to the authors