2021 ISOCC Presentations

2021-11-01 16:23
The following papers have been presented in ISOCC 2021

Title: Post-bond Repair of Line Faults with Double-bit ECC for 3D Memory

Authors: Younwoo Yoo, Hayoung Lee, Seung Ho Shin, Sungho Kang

Title: An Effective Spare Allocation Methodology for 3D Memory Repair with BIRA

Authors: Seung Ho Shin, Hayoung Lee. Younwoo Yoo, Sungho Kang

Title: Secure Scan Design through Pseudo Fault Injection

Authors: Seokjun Jang, Hyungil Woo, Sunghoon Kim, Sungho Kang

Title: Area Efficient Built-In Redundancy Analysis using Pre-Solutions with Various Spare Structure

Authors: Youngki Moon, Hyunho Yoo, Donghyun Han, Sungho Kang

Title: Hybrid Test Access Mechanism for Multiple Identical Cores

Authors: Sangjun Lee, Jongho Park, Inhwan Lee, Kwonhyoung Lee, Sungho Kang

Title: Hardware Efficient Built-in Self-test Architecture for Power and Ground TSVs in 3D IC

Authors: Donghyun Han, Youngkwang Lee, Sooryeong Lee, Sungho Kang

Title: A Circular-based TSV Repair Architecture

Authors: Youngkwang Lee, Donghyun Han, Sooryeong Lee, Sungho Kang

Congratulations to the authors