2019 ISOCC Presentations

2019-11-07 13:46
The following papers have been presented in ISOCC 2019

Title: An Efficient Scan Chain Diagnosis for Stuck-at and Transition Faults

Authors: Hyeonchan Lim, Seokjun Jang, Seunghwan Kim and Sungho Kang

Title: A New Scan Chain Reordering Method for Low Power Consumption based on Care Bit Density

Authors: Kyunghwan Cho, Jihye Kim, Hyunggoy Oh, Sangjun Lee, and Sungho Kang

Title: Redundancy Analysis based on Fault Distribution for memory with complex spares

Authors: Hayoung Lee, Donghyun Han, Seungtaek Lee, and Sungho Kang

Title: Tunable Compact Probing Detector with Fast Analysis Time Against Invasive Attacks

Authors: Young-woo Lee, Youngkwang Lee, Minho Moon and Sungho Kang

Title: Transition-delay Test Methodology for Designs with Self-gating

Authors: Jihye Kim, Sangjun Lee, Minho Moon and Sungho Kang

Title: A Hardware-efficient TSV Repair Scheme Based on Butterfly Topology

Authors: Minho Cheong, Hyunyul Lim, Taehyun Kim and Sungho Kang

Congratulations to the authors