2023 ISOCC Presentation

2023-10-31 15:45
The following papers have been presented in ISOCC 2023

Title: Redundancy Analysis Simplification Scheme for High-Speed Memory Repair
Authors: Hayoung Lee, Younwoo Yoo, Seung Ho Shin, Sungho Kang

Title: A New Flip-flop Shared Architecture of Test Point Insertion for Scan Design
Authors: Hyemin Kim, Sangjun Lee, Jongho Park, Sungwhan Park, Sungho Kang

Title: Machine Learning based Scan Chain Diagnosis for Double Faults
Authors: Hyojoon Yun, Taehyun Kim, and Sungho Kang

Title: GPU-Based Redundancy Analysis using Partitioning Method for Memory Repair
Authors: Younwoo Yoo, Hayoung Lee, Seung Ho Shin, Sungho Kang

Title: LOTS: Low Overhead TSV Repair Method Using IEEE-1838 Standard Architecture
Authors: Sunghoon Kim, Donghyun Han, Seokjun Jang, Sungho Kang

Congratulations to the authors