"Software-Based Embedded Core Test Using Multi-Polynomial for Test Data Reduction"
Soyeon Kang, Inhyuk Choi, Hyeonchan Lim, Sungyoul Seo, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2016
Oct 2016,


"Scan Chain Reordering-aware X-Filling and Stitching for Scan Shift Power Reduction"
Sungyoul Seo, Yong Lee, Hyeonchan Lim, Joohwan Lee, Hongbom Yoo, Yojoung Kim, Sungho Kang
The Asian Test Symposium 2015
Nov 2015


"A New In-field Bad Block Detection Scheme for NAND flash Chips "
Dongho Kang, Keewon Cho, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2015
Nov 2015


"A 2-D compaction Method using Macro block for Post-Silicon Validation "
Won Jung, Hyunggoy Oh, Dongho Kang, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2015
Nov 2015


"A Scan Segment Skip Technique for Low Power Test "
Hayoung Lee, Junkyu Lee, Hyunyul Lim, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2015
Nov 2015


"A New Built-in Redundancy Analysis Algorithm Based On Multiple Memory Blocks"
Jooyoung Kim, Keewon Cho, Woosung Lee, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2015
Nov 2015


"Failure Bitmap Compression Method for 3D-IC Redundancy Analysis"
Keewon Cho, Woosung Lee, Jooyoung Kim, Sungho Kang
ISOCC 2015
Nov 2015


"KRAFT_K-associative Ralative Addressing Flash Transition Layer"
Dongho Kang, Jaeseok Park, Ilwoong Kim, Ingeol Lee, and Sungho Kang
Proceedings of ITC-CSCC 2015
June 2015


"Low Power Scan Bypass Technique with Test Data Reduction"
Hyunyul Lim, Wooheon Kang, Sungyoul Seo, Yong Lee, Sungho Kang
ISQED 2015
pp.173-176, Mar 2015


"Near Optimal Repair Rate Built-in Redundancy Analysis with Very Small Hardware Overhead"
Woosung Lee, Keewon Cho, Jooyoung Kim, Sungho Kang
ISQED 2015
pp.435-439, Mar 2015

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